BC Food & Beverage Ranked One of the 2021 Workplace Culture Innovators by the Canadian Workplace Culture Index 

Langley, British Columbia, March 2nd– BC Food & Beverage has been certified for exceptional workplace culture by  The Canadian Workplace Culture Index, the leading measure of Canadian workplace culture.


Certified companies demonstrate care for their employees, their customers, and their communities. BC Food & Beverage exceeded the Index, made up of the opinions of average Canadians towards workplace culture. The process includes analysis and recommendations across six different workplace attributes including workplace satisfaction, company caring, diversity and inclusion, employee connection, and loyalty.


To be certified as a Culture Innovator, companies must exceed the national benchmark for exceptional workplace culture. Employees are given an anonymous conversational chat survey. Results are aggregated and weighted across six workplace attributes providing an overall score and scores for each workplace attribute.


BC Food & Beverage deeply prides itself on its team and organizational culture. Continually seeking ways as a team and organization to grow and improve culture in meaningful ways. When one of us thrives, we all do.


In Canada, the best workplaces have stood out by creating safe workplaces, regardless of whether someone is on the front lines or sitting in a corner office. Culture Innovators in Canada realize that workplace satisfaction, communication, and recognition for all employees are vital. At certified organizations like BC Food & Beverage, there is a fundamental sense of caring among colleagues, and employees’ ability to bring their full selves to work. When companies do everything, they can to create a great workplace culture, employees respond by giving the very best they can.


“BCFB has a great sense of culture and care within our team, which naturally extends to each member. People are at the heart of what we do. This is what makes BCFB a great place to work and a great community to be a part of” – Alisa Hutton, COO.


“I don’t think we can expect our members to love the association if our employees don’t love it just as much or more.  Having a culture that fosters a great work environment and an appreciation for each other and what we can accomplish collectively is critical to achieving this.” – James Donaldson, CEO



About BC Food & Beverage

BC Food & Beverage is a not-for-profit industry association representing food and beverage manufacturers in British Columbia.


Since 2004 BC Food & Beverage has helped shape, support and grow thousands of food & beverage businesses from start-ups to multi-national companies. Our job is to engage and help our members in practical and meaningful ways.

Our strong network, values-based approach and unparalleled industry expertise allow us to support our members in every stage and area of their business. Our goal is to provide BC Food & Beverage businesses with the right ingredients for growth.



About The Canadian Workplace Culture Index

The Canadian Workplace Culture Index uses research, best practices, and innovative technology to recognize, enable, and amplify exceptional workplace culture —their research partner, the Angus Reid Institute. Through the Canadian Workplace Culture Certification program, we recognize exceptional workplaces and produce an annual report on the state of workplace culture in Canada. The CWCI is an independent business founded by The ReFrame Group.


Learn more about the Canadian Workplace Culture Index online at cultureindex.io and on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

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