BCFB Annual General Meeting Recap

On Wednesday, June 23rd, BC Food & Beverage held its 17th Annual General Meeting.


CEO James Donaldson shared some highlights from what was a very challenging and unique 2020 to the 67 registrants that participated in the event.


BCFB shifted dramatically in early 2020 to meet the suddenly changing needs of our members as they were impacted by the COVID 19 Pandemic, which affected BCFB as well as we were required to cancel all live events.  Some key areas of focus for BCFB were;

  • Created a dedicated site for industry-specific COVID information
  • Creation of the Protecting Our People Program, proving PPE to the processing, seafood and agriculture industries
    • Advocacy efforts led to some key victories that support industry, such as the Essential Service Designation in May 2020, and Priority Industry Access to COVID vaccinations early in 2021
  • Pivoting our BCFB Awards Gala to a virtual Awards Show, which had an audience of 3,500
  • Launch of a new BCFB Website in November
  • Launch of US West Coast specific Export Guide


Members were also guided through BCFB’s additional offerings, including Peer Groups, Committees,

James provided a look ahead to what’s in store for the balance of 2021;

  • Cultivate Magazine – Spring, Fall Issues
  • Supply Chain Project
  • National Processor database project
  • BC Food Hub Needs Assessment project
  • BCFB Awards Show
  • Advocacy Blog
  • Virtual Learning Centre
  • Associate Member Referral Guide
  • Holiday Social
  • Foodpro 2022 – January 25, 2022


Leo Wilson Partner, KPMG and BCFB Treasurer walked members through BCFB’s financial performance.  The Association showed a financial loss in 2020, primarily due to the cancellation of BCFB events, and a spike in cancellations from members who suffered either temporary or permanent business loss.


BCFB also announced changes to its Board of Directors.  Joining the Board are Colin Henry from Donald’s Fine Foods, Jill van Gyn from Fatso Peanut Butter, and Phillipe Murphy-Rheaume.  Departing the Board are Dave Eto, who has been on the board for 15 years (including 5 as it’s Chair) and Chantal Kelly.  Also, Steve Macintyre from Fine Choice Foods was elected Chair at the conclusion of the AGM, replacing Rick Gibbs from Neutron Factory Works.  A big thank you to Dave and Chantal for your dedication to our Board, and for Rick who is remains on the board but steps down as Chair after 2 years.

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