Big Mountain Foods takes home the Innovation Award and the Gold Product of the Year Award

Big Mountain Foods wins two BCFB Awards; the Innovation Award and the Gold Product of the Year Award for their Soy-Free Tofu!

Their Soy-Free Tofu is the first of its kind on the market – made entirely of Canadian fava beans sourced from local farmers who share the company’s commitment to sustainability. A leader in allergen-free plant-based meat alternatives since 1987, Big Mountain continues to enrich the lives of the millions of people who suffer from food allergies with more exciting, delicious, and nutritious food options.


One of the people that nominated them shares…

Big Mountain Foods was built on four core principles:

  1. Plant-based products with exceptional taste, which
  2. Use whole food ingredients including fresh vegetables, superfoods, and organic split peas, that are
  3. Minimally processed, and
  4. Prioritize allergen-free foods.

Big Mountain’s Soy Free Tofu is a game-changing allergen-free product that offers 94% more protein than soy tofu. It shares the same look and texture as traditional tofu, and tastes even better!


“Big Mountain Foods is so honored to win this award as it credits the hard work our team has put in and validates the decision to invest in launching our Soy Free Tofu. This award is the gold standard when presenting to retailers and we are so proud to be sourcing Canadian grown Fava beans and producing right here in beautiful British Columbia.” Says Jasmine Byrne, President of Big Mountains Foods.


Check out all the innovation they’re cooking up here:


Thank you to MNP for sponsoring the Product of the Year Award and Reliance Insurance Agencies for sponsoring the Innovation Award!

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