Boosh Food on the Rise

At the 2020 BC Food & Beverage Awards in the fall, Connie took home the Rising Star Award! “[It was] such an honour! Honestly, I was sitting at home relaxed in my best jammies drinking a glass of wine in celebration of the evening and my husband said my mouth literally dropped open when they announced my name,” says Connie. “So great…and such an entertaining evening. Really well-done awards show. When it does go back to a Gala, maybe we should make it PJ’s optional!” Boosh Food’s Hearty Shepherd’s Pie also finished as one of the top 10 finalists for the BCFB Product of the Year Award!

Why did Connie win the Rising Star Award? We could go on forever, but here are just a few reasons why.

She is always giving back to the community in whatever ways she can. Since August 2019, Connie has grown Boosh from a small family business into the major competitor in the plant-based market it is today. Boosh products can be found in over 150 BC stores and are currently launching across Canada and soon into the US.

Connie is a leader who has built her team by encouraging her staff to shine and grow based on their personal skills and strengths. Her son, Colton, has been actively involved with the business. Together, Connie, Colton, and her husband work closely on the business with Connie leading the way. With a background in fine-dining, sales, promotions, and marketing – Connie has used her skillsets to bring innovation and attention-to-detail in every aspect of her business.

Boosh Food is currently moving into a large facility in Cloverdale. “The new location will include a warehouse space for all our products plus offices, a test kitchen, meeting rooms, and a studio for filming social content and cooking videos,” says Connie, “as well, we are expanding our lineup of plant-based products both in the freezer and in other areas of the store. Stay tuned for more delicious Boosh plant-based options.” How fun! We can’t wait to check out this new space.

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