New National Platform Will Link Canada’s Food And Beverage Supply Chain

BC Food & Beverage (BCFB) is excited to announce its involvement in an important national industry project working in partnership with Food and Beverage Canada, Protein Industries Canada, University of Ottawa, Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada, McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics, Bivizio, Food and Beverage Ontario, CTAQ, Food and Beverage Atlantic, and Food and Beverage Manitoba.


The Food Convergence Innovation (FCI) Canada – (FCI Canada Project) is a national industry platform that will link Canada’s food and beverage supply chain by allowing companies to post and search for specific products, services, and partners within specific regions of the country.  It will bring BCFB members value by providing access to a much broader network by providing stronger connectivity within the industries value chain in Canada, and contribute to strengthening Canada’s food security, and the creation of new business opportunities across the country.


Under the project, Canada’s leading food and beverage manufacturing associations will build provincial and regional databases that will then be connected to a national network. This project builds on CTAQ’s existing program in Quebec. This platform will be able to assist food and beverage companies in BC and across the country to find suppliers, vendors, and become a resource for BCFB in assisting its members to connect with key partners in other regions.


If you are a Canadian company looking to find out more, or you are interested in joining the database, please click here.


For more general details click here.

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