Cascadia Seaweed Presents Seaweed Days, an International Festival of Seaweed

Seaweed Days, May 17-23, 2021

Sidney, B.C. — “When the tide goes out, the table is set” is an English translation of an Indigenous saying that refers to the rich coastal bounty the sea serves. But more than providing nutritious and delicious whole foods, algae (seaweeds are a group of algae) contributes 50% of the world’s oxygen to the atmosphere, sequesters significantly more carbon dioxide than land plants, can be used as an additive in livestock feed to reduce methane emissions and contains extracts which can be made in bio-packaging.

All of these uses deserve to be celebrated but even more newsworthy is how individuals can contribute to and benefit from the success of this growing global sector. That’s the inspiration behind Seaweed Days conceptualized by Cascadia Seaweed founder and chairman, Bill Collins.

“We can’t wait to change the world! As industry leaders, Cascadia Seaweed is spearheading this festival to demonstrate — on a world stage — that BC is ground zero for the next generation of global seaweed farming activities,” says Collins.

By inviting players from around the world to participate in a speaker series, national chefs showcasing make-at-home recipes that include seaweed, a professional development workshop educating others on how to become a seaweed farmer, and a top-secret product launch (among other activities), this festival is truly a celebration connecting people and the planet — in a virtual setting for 2021 — while encouraging everyone everywhere to participate in making the world a better place.



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Media Contact:
Erin Bremner-Mitchell
Manager of Communications and Engagement
Cascadia Seaweed Corp.

Cascadia Seaweed is growing to be the largest North American provider of ocean cultivated seaweed — a climate-positive crop with a variety of uses requiring only the sea and sunlight to grow. This British Columbia based corporation was founded in 2019 by three maritime professionals who believe in building a profitable and scalable business that enhances the natural environment and provides economic opportunity for rural and coastal communities.


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