Cascadia Seaweed Wins the Social Impact Award at the BCFB Awards 2022

The BCFB Awards took place on November 3rd, where Cascadia Seaweed won the Social Impact Award.

The BCFB Social Impact Award is given to a company that goes above and beyond to better its community through its social impact initiatives. Cascadia’s mission is to improve human health, support coastal communities, heal the earth by cultivating seaweed, and produce sustainable snack foods under its brand, Kove Ocean Foods.

Cascadia Seaweed has impressively taken home a BCFB Award for the past 3 years. In 2020 the Innovation Award, in 2021 the Sustainability Award, now adding the Social Impact Award to their shelf this year.

To accomplish their goals, Cascadia partners with Indigenous coastal communities who have oversight on their operations from site selection to scale, while embracing the traditional knowledge and providing economic opportunities in return. This coming season the company will have 7 farms in partnership with 5 Indigenous communities around Vancouver Island, as well as test lines in Northern BC. “Each agreement is as unique as the Nations we partner with,” says Carlo Zarrillo on behalf of Cascadia Seaweed. “Embedded in our values is our goal of forming mutually beneficial partnerships that generate economic opportunities for coastal First Nations. It is a true honour to receive this award.”


About their Seaweed Cultivation

Seaweed cultivation is a regenerative farming practice — requiring no freshwater, fertilizers, pesticides, or arable land to grow. It utilizes nutrients from the sea, captures carbon, mitigates acidification, creates habitat, is renewable, fast-growing, and has a long list of climate-positive uses. Cascadia’s First Nation partners have recognized the environmental, economic, and social benefits of seaweed cultivation, and are working with the company to responsibly scale up the industry.


Learn more about Cascadia Seaweed and their social impact initiatives here:

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