Delectable Pre-Made Brown Butter from Hunter Browns

by: Karen Ann Davidson


The paths we choose often lead us to where we could have never guessed we were going. That’s exactly how pre-made brown butter company Hunter Browns founder Lanna Lucas’ story unfolded.

You see, Lanna is a researcher, not a chef. She graduated with a degree in psychology from the University of British Columbia. She was headed to get her PsyD when the road ahead of her curved in a big way–we’re talking a u-turn– and she found herself involved in investigative research and loving it. So, she opened her own research firm doing film and documentary research.

I was just as baffled as you are to how this becomes a food product business, but wait, it makes sense. Stay with me.

Lanna tells me that Hunter Browns was born from making her specialty, brown butter spaghetti, for her annual Christmas party in 2017.  Everyone loved it!

(Pssst…guess what I am making tonight?)

Noticing she had browned too much butter for her dish, she saved it and made another batch of spaghetti the next day. The scientist in her realized that she wanted to do some hands-on research, so she and her son headed off to get butter, all different kinds.  She saved all of her research findings in ice cube trays. Each time she used the frozen pre-made brown butter morsels, her dishes were enhanced by them. She was onto something, so she filed a patent.

Hunter is the name of her son. It was suggested to her as a company name by her son’s godmother.  Keeping it close and in the family legacy. Hunter Browns was born!

You know that I do a lot of cooking and I will say having this tasty-ness on hand takes away a step in meal prep at my house.  Hunter Browns fills a void in my kitchen and I have a feeling it will for my fellow foodies as well.

Hunter Browns was nominated for Product of the Year by the BC Food and Beverage Association before launch.  I was at the BCFP Gala, where Hunter Browns made an appearance on my dinner plate.

Lanna has also been nominated in the Top 10 for Best Marketer for the BC Small Business Award.  So wonderful to be on point in the food industry as well as in terms of her entrepreneurial prowess.

Here’s a fun fact: when Hunter Browns was collecting these distinctions, it hadn’t even launched in the marketplace yet.  That just happened in December 2019. Lanna is definitely excelling!

Are you as curious as I am about what’s ahead for Hunter Browns?

Lanna has a vision to be the leading supplier of pre-made brown butter worldwide, in both the retail and food service industries. I believe she can do it. 

Lanna (and I) encourage you to make some brown butter spaghetti with Hunter Browns (naturally). Here’s a brown butter spaghetti recipe I know you’ll love.

Here’s how I incorporated Hunter Browns into this dish:

  • I melted my Hunter Browns and added my garlic to that (but, of course, skipped the browning part)
  • I substituted thinly sliced zucchini in place of tomatoes because that’s what was in my fridge.

You can find Hunter Brown’s here

You can follow Hunter Brown’s here



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