DRNK Alcohol Free Mocktails: “Same Drink. Different Buzz”

One of the most interesting trends in the beverage space right now is the growing demand for low or non-alcoholic beverages. Vancouver-based DRNK Beverage Corp., (DRNK) debuted their new line of alcohol-free mocktails at the CHFA Show West in Vancouver in April, where we had a chance to sample their first two products, a Mojito and a Mule.


Founder & CEO, Suzette Ramcharan’s own personal struggle with alcohol is what prompted the idea of DRNK – alcohol-free concoctions that allow their patrons to “Enjoy the Buzz of the party, without the Alcohol!”. Suzette talks about the challenges with sobriety, “With alcohol being around for so long it is very common and widely accepted. It has become such a normal thing to do, not partaking is what feels abnormal. While mocktails have become more popular, I found them riddled with sugar.” What was she in search of? “Apart from the world becoming more accepting of choosing a non-alcoholic beverage, (and thankfully we are getting there), I wanted to enjoy a fun drink, without excessive sugar or other additives, and one that tasted great!” Suzette speaks very openly about how alcohol became such an important part of her life, her journey to sobriety, and the current shift in the way we view alcohol consumption.


“Once we can learn to disassociate alcohol with the social aspects of meeting for drinks, then it really becomes more about the company we are with rather than the drinking itself. Perhaps my story will help inspire, motivate, or support anyone that needs it, and DRNK can help pave the way for quality mocktails. As human beings, we thrive with freedom of choice. And the more choices we have, the more in control we can feel about our decisions, especially as a health-conscious consumer.”


The trend, or as Suzette likes to refer to it, the “movement”, seems to be here to stay. “There is a huge demand in this space right now, and it will only continue to grow as the younger generations are not reaching for alcohol the way we used to. These consumers care about the quality of the products they consume, so it’s more than just being alcohol-free.”


DRNK offers a great-tasting product made from all-natural ingredients, with no added preservatives. They also boast being low sugar, low cal and low carbs, and are ready to drink or ready-to-mix! We’ll cheers to that!


Visit them at www.drnkbev.com to learn more about their story and their products or check out their Instagram page @drnkbev to see what they’ve been up to!

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