Emerging Business and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year goes to Jade Herrmann & her company Yoggu!

Jade Herrmann of Yoggu! takes home two awards at the BCFB Awards this year, the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award as well as the Emerging Business Award for her company Yoggu!

“I’m so honoured and grateful to have received the Emerging Business and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year awards this year. I accept these with great responsibility and as a gentle reminder to always lead with grace, authenticity, and curiosity!” says Jade Herrmann, CEO & Founder of Yoggu!

With the mission to contribute to a better world, Jade created an alt-yogurt while leaving a positive impact. In 2017 she could be found on her kitchen floor cracking open coconuts and recipe testing to make the perfect, thick, creamy, probiotic-rich, non-dairy alt yogurt. That’s when it all started for Yoggu! Today, they produce every cup of their perfected Yoggu! in-house with care to offer a high-quality, delicious product.

“Jade is an inspiring and thoughtful leader who leads with her heart. She knows how to empower each team member by giving trust and respect. Jade connects with each individual team member as she takes a human-first approach. She inspires others to take ownership and speak up, and she fosters a truly collaborative environment where she wants all ideas to be heard,” says the person who nominated Jade for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award, “Everyone on the Yoggu! team feels validated and cared for under Jade’s leadership, and we all work hard for the success of the company because we believe in the product and our leader. The success of Yoggu! is directly related to Jade’s care and the inspiration she has on others and in her community.”

Learn more about Yoggu! here: yoggu.ca

Thank you to COHO for sponsoring the Emerging Business Award and to FCC for sponsoring the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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