Farming Karma’s Pear Soda takes home the Silver Product of the Year Award

The family-run business, Farming Karma, wins the Silver Product of the Year Award for their Pear Soda. They competed as a finalist at the Product of the Year competition where they showcased their product to a panel of judges and succeeded in all categories from taste, to product packaging, to their story of how their product was created.

“So many feelings; humbled, amazed, happy, thankful, excited. The award is a reminder of our journey, the challenges, and the victories along the way. When we launched in January 2020, we were a farming family that didn’t have any background in food manufacturing, product development, marketing, packaging, selling, or any of the other things that go along with putting a product in the market. With consistent hard work, believing in ourselves, and tremendous support from our community and mentors, we were able to develop a product that we were proud of. To be recognized for that: it’s a dream come true,” says Avi Gill, President and CEO of Farming Karma.

Farming Karma has done an outstanding job of establishing a new niche in the market with their fruit sodas. They aren’t your traditional pop with added sugar, they aren’t a high-sugar juice, nor a sparking water with added flavours. Their sodas are a refreshing beverage with one serving of fruit grown in orchards in Kelowna BC. With no added sugars, no preservatives, and not from concentrate, Farming Karma’s sodas are enjoyed by all families and age groups.

“Our lightly carbonated fruit sodas have one serving of fruit (about 40-50% freshly pressed juice) mixed with carbonated water. It is a refreshing, light, hydrating drink with a very simple formula: fruit + water + carbonation.”

We would like to give a huge thank you to MNP for sponsoring the Product of the Year Award.

Learn more about Farming Karma and their sodas here:

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