Fatso wins the Best in Brand Award at the BCFB Awards

At the BCFB Awards in Vancouver, the Best is Brand Award was won by Fatso!

If you’ve yet to try Fatso, or see their content on your social media feed, they offer peanut butter boosted with plant-based superfats. Not only has their product become a pantry favourite, the brand they have built showcasing their authenticity, humour, and purpose has most definitely succeeded in keeping consumers engaged with their brand.

“When Fatso burst onto the CPG scene in 2016, the nut butter category lacked innovation and differentiation. Fatso was able to set a new standard in the category by carving out a significant gap in creating the best tasting, most nutrient-dense nut butter on the market, at a price that would rival expensive specialty nut butters,” says Jill Van Gyn, CEO and founder, of Fatso. “Debuting with simple branding, Fatso was hailed for our strong performance on shelf and disruptive brand blocks through “the brown paper bag effect”: monochromatic colour with bold and interruptive fonts.”

With just recently engaging in paid media, Fatso has built brand recognition through strong PR efforts. They did so by focusing on their purpose-driven mission of supporting marginalized, stigmatized, and often polarizing causes. This increased their amount of media attention, and caught the eyes of their customers, creating an entrenched following.

With the brand growing into a bold and boundary-pushing company, Jill decided it was time for a fresh face to hit the store shelves to reflect that. Their new colourful branding debuted to critical acclaim at both Expo West 2022 and CHFA West 2022 and landed the company on several top ten lists.

Learn more about Fatso today: eatfatso.com


Thank you to Crew Marketing Partners for sponsoring this award!

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