Front-line workers prioritized as COVID-19 vaccine rollout accelerates

On March 18, 2021, the Ministry of Health announced the Provincial Government’s COVID-19 vaccination plans prioritizing front-line workers to protect people in workplaces identified as having the highest risk of COVID-19 transmission including:

  • Food processing plants, including poultry, fruit and fish processing
  • Agricultural operations with congregate worker accommodations, including farms, nurseries, and greenhouses
  • Large industrial camps with congregate accommodations for workers


The Ministry of Health and the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Henry, is responsible for determining vaccination priority. We know people are eager to be vaccinated. Booking arrangements for front-line workers will be established in the coming weeks and will be communicated clearly and directly to each sector by the Ministry of Health. Workers identified as “front-line” and prioritized for the AstraZeneca vaccine should not call into regional health authority call centres at this time.

We are incredibly grateful for the contributions every person working on the front lines of this pandemic has made to keep our communities and economies going. We welcome your continued communication to keep us informed about workplace dynamics and encourage efforts taken to ensure your workers are protected.


Lana Popham



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