Justgo Smoothie: Superfood smoothie packs for on the go

Over the past year, B.C. businesses – including the food and beverage industry – have been hit hard by Covid-19. In response to the pandemic, BCFB industry partners, and IT solution company, DTEC, created a nourishment campaign, an initiative created to give back to the community. As a part of this campaign, DTEC has kindly gifted 12 BC Food & Beverage, 1-year memberships, to new emerging BC food and beverage companies. From a vegan Korean kimchi company, gluten-free flour blend company, to a meal prep company – 12 BC food businesses were gifted a BCFB membership. We would like to sincerely thank DTEC for the ginormous generosity and we hope this sets an example to others to give back when possible!

One of the 12 businesses to be selected was Justgo Smoothie, a Vancouver-based company that offers frozen superfood smoothie packs that are conveniently made for those busy days. Whole foods and simple ingredients made for maximum nutrition with minimal effort and time. Their formula of carefully selected grains, seeds, veggies, and fruits, allows you to energize and fulfill your body’s nutritional needs with ease. Through their site, you can order their smoothies for pickup in Vancouver, or delivery throughout the Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland area.

Justgo Smoothie is looking forward to the vast networking reach through their BCFB membership, as well as various programs, webinars, and new potential relationships. In 5 years, the team at Justgo Smoothie would like to have national and international distribution throughout North American CPG Food Industry. They would love to see themselves participating in community events, providing pop-up smoothie bars. Justgo is also striving to sponsor programs that promote clean foods to educate the importance of a healthy diet.

To learn more about Justgo Smoothie and their frozen smoothie packs visit: www.justgosmoothie.com

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