Ms. Lee’s Kimchi

Over the past year, B.C. businesses - including the food and beverage industry - have been hit hard by Covid-19. In response to the pandemic, BCFB industry partners, and IT solution company, DTEC, created a nourishment campaign, an initiative created to give back to the community. As a part of this campaign, DTEC has kindly gifted 12 BC Food & Beverage, 1-year memberships, to new emerging BC food and beverage companies. From a vegan Korean kimchi company, gluten-free flour blend company, to a meal prep company – 12 BC food businesses were gifted a BCFB membership. We would like to sincerely thank DTEC for the ginormous generosity and we hope this sets an example to others to give back when possible!

Kimchi Tofu Soup served in clay pot, One of the most-loved of all the stews in Korean cuisine, Most popular food in Korea.

One of the 12 companies to be gifted a BCFB membership was Ms. Lee’s Natural Foods. Ms. Lee herself was born in Korea, where she researched and lectured at universities focusing on Korean and Western traditions of music composition. When she was young her mother taught her how to make Kimchi. “I came to understand that Kimchi was something more than a simple dish. Like music and art, it was an expression of generosity,” says Ms. Lee. When she moved to Vancouver, Ms. Lee wanted to share her vegan kimchi with her new home.

Ms. Lee’s loves the idea of bringing Korea’s beloved superfood to the plates of British Columbians. She shares her small batches of kimchi through restaurants, markets, and grocery stores in BC. Ms. Lee’s offers three traditional flavours of their vegan kimchi including Korean Cabbage Kimchi, Radish Korean Kimchi, and White Korean Kimchi.

Check out their recipe for Kimchi Soup: CLICK HERE

To find out where you can get yourself some of Ms. Lee’s kimchi, visit the “where to buy” tab on their website: 


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