oomé: Your new favourite smoked tofu

Launched in May of this year, oomé, a smoked tofu brand was created by Miki Talebi from a place of honouring her father and paying tribute to her Japanese identity. “My father was a lover of really good food. He was an incredible salesman and had a zest for people, travel, and life in general. He also loved to cook for the family and especially loved to smoke meat and seafood,” shares Miki. “In the summer of 2020, he suffered a tragic accident which left him in the hospital for the next four months. Daily, my sister and I would prepare food for our own families and then go to the hospital to support our mother through this experience. Smoked tofu was an easy, delicious, and healthy protein that our children loved; yet in the height of the pandemic, we could not find it anywhere,” says Miki. Miki half-jokingly told her sister that she would use their dad’s smoker and smoke tofu for their children. Then, in November of 2020, after many ups and downs, their father passed away and Miki found herself not being able to let go of the idea of smoking their own tofu – an idea that started as an off-the-cuff comment suddenly carried so much significance.

The team at BC Food & Beverage first tried oomé tofu at the From the Ground up Trade Show in late May this year where oomé took home silver for the Outstanding Product of the Year Award. At first glance, oomé’s packaging stood out to us with its vibrant colours and simplicity. The name “oomé” also grabbed our attention. Miki shared with us that, “oomé is a Japanese word that means plum blossom and symbolizes spring and new beginnings, which embodied the sentiment we wanted our business to represent.”

We asked Miki what her favourite recipe is and wanted to share that with you!

“My personal favourite recipe is a poké bowl using our Maple Soy smoked tofu. It’s so simple to throw together and perfect on a hot summer day,” says Miki.


Recipe: Poké Bowl with Maple Soy Smoked Tofu


  • 1 cup cooked and seasoned sushi rice
  • ¼ cup shelled edamame
  • ¼ cup diced mango
  • ¼ cup diced avocado
  • ¼ cup oomé Maple Soy smoked tofu cubed
  • Sriracha Mayo (we also love to make our own: ¼ cup vegan plain yogurt mixed with 1 tbsp sriracha sauce and a pinch of sea salt)
  • Seaweed seasoning (optional)



Assemble the poké bowl with rice on the bottom and edamame, mango, avocado, and smoked tofu on top. Drizzle sriracha mayo over the top. Generously sprinkle with seaweed seasoning and enjoy!


“We want to embody our values of great tasting food, that is ethically produced, good for the planet and fun! We are committed to using simple ingredients to make tofu shine from the inside out! At oomé our goal is to create great tasting food, while creating a brighter future for our planet and generations beyond us,” says Miki, founder and CEO of oomé.


Learn more about oomé and where you can find their 3 flavours; Just Smoked, Greek, and Maple Soy: www.thisisoome.com



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