Rocky Point Ice Cream Wins Big at North American Competition



Port Moody, Oct 11/23

Local Ice Cream Shop Wins Big at North American Competition

Rocky Point Ice Cream, a beloved family-owned and operated business founded in Port Moody, has emerged victorious at the prestigious North American Ice Cream Association (NAICA) 2023 ConeCon Convention. With a legacy dating back to 1933, NAICA is renowned for recognizing excellence in the ice cream industry, and Rocky Point Ice Cream has proven its commitment to quality.

The competition was rigorously tested under the direction of Dr Samuel David Alcaine (a Dairy Scientist with a Doctorate and Masters of Science) along with his team in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at Cornell University.

The testing encompassed a technical evaluation of body and texture, melting quality, and colour along with sensory attributes including flavour/taste. Microbiology and bacteriology results were also analysed, ensuring each entrant passed the strict standards in place for food safety. The testing conducted by Cornell University adds an additional layer of credibility to these accolades.
Rocky Point Ice Cream exceeded the expectations of the discerning judges, earning the coveted Blue Ribbon for their Strawberry ice cream— the highest tier of recognition (one of only 5 entrants to receive Blue in this category) and a Red Ribbon for their Chocolate Ice Cream the second highest tier of recognition. This accomplishment underscores Rocky Point’s unwavering commitment to producing ice cream of unparalleled quality and flavour.

“We are truly honoured to receive the awards at the Convention. This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our team and our commitment as Master Makers of BC’s best craft ice cream (in Strawberry’s case North America’s Best!!). We take pride in crafting ice cream with time-honoured techniques and we believe good ice cream makes everything better. We are BC’s first fully licensed dairy plant to exclusively produce premium ice cream and can now confirm our ice cream also meets the highest standards of quality and safety,” said Yvette Cuthbert at Rocky Point Ice Cream.

NAICA, with its rich history, serves as a benchmark for excellence in the ice cream industry, and Rocky Point Ice Cream’s achievement is a testament to the brand’s commitment to upholding and surpassing industry standards.

Rocky Point Ice Cream invites ice cream enthusiasts and loyal customers to celebrate this momentous achievement. The award-winning ice creams’ will continue to be available at all Rocky Point Ice Cream locations. RPIC’s Dairy Plant also offers an opportunity peer directly into their Willy Wonka Ice Cream Wonderland through their large viewing windows of their dairy plant on Murray Street in Port Moody.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Yvette Cuthbert
604 831 7130

About Rocky Point Ice Cream:
Locally owned and operated in BC since 1997. Founded in Port Moody, made for BC. For 25 years, Rocky Point Ice Cream (RPIC) has been serving top-quality craft ice cream from Rocky Point Park in Port Moody and, more recently, locations in Coquitlam and New Westminster, BC.

The company’s success stems from their commitment to serving the best quality ice cream and, many years ago, when they couldn’t find a suitable product, they started making small batches of their own.
As they approached their 25th birthday, they opened BC’s first and largest fully licensed dairy plant dedicated to producing craft ice cream, made from scratch, using natural ingredients and time-honoured techniques.

Today, Rocky Point Ice Cream makes the most ice cream varieties of any craft creamery in BC, attracting ice cream lovers of all ages with classic flavours, unique seasonal creations, and – one of their most popular scoops – K9 ice cream for pups.

Co-Owners, Jamie and Yvette Cuthbert, built Rocky Point Ice Cream based on the belief that ice cream makes everything better and, over the years, they found that an ethically run business that invests in its community can do the same on a larger scale.

The company has grown in popularity earning countless Consumer’s Choice Awards and the prestigious BC’s Best Company Award from Small Business BC. Customers, employees, suppliers, and ice cream shop buyers alike share stories of how the company has made a positive impact in their lives and businesses.

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