Salubritas – Latin for “To Your Good Health”

North Vancouver-based company, Salubritas Health Products, believes in bridging the gap between traditional medicine and modern medicine by creating high-quality natural medicine confirmed by today’s scientific standards.

After spending years researching the market for natural and sustainable health products, the founders discovered the top natural remedies in the world and created Salubritas to share them with the world.

While teaching yoga and shaping, a hi-energy aerobic dance from Russia, CEO of Salubritas, Tracy Sun, explored her Chinese medical roots that her mother and grandparents used. After moving to Canada in 2018 she continued teaching yoga and began researching ancient formulas just like her ancestors taught her. Tracy and her husband, Rob Arthurs took their passion to the next level to bring those ancient recipes to the global marketplace by creating Salubritas.

Founder and President of Salubritas, Rob Arthurs, contributed to procurement for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and sourced the Safe Food Program. From this, he gained an understanding of the major need for sustainable food sources. Once Rob and Tracy came together, for the next two years they researched together, reviewing clinical trials and white papers looking for anything that would scientifically back up these natural medicines. Once they found the proof, Salubritas was incorporated in March 2021.

Last year, Salubritas introduced their immunity-boosting and maintenance, all-natural product line. One of the products includes KSM-66 Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb and medicinal plant that stimulates the body and mind, helps with stress and anxiety, and improves stamina and mind-body coordination. You can learn more about their KMS-66 Ashwagandha here. Salubritas also has some new products in development that they will be releasing this summer including; NO+ Miracle Serum, and some other product concepts with sea buckthorn, saffron, and dandelion.

Learn more about Salubritas and their products HERE.

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