Santevia’s 100 Day Promise

Offering sustainable water filtration for at home and on the go, Santevia Water Systems is a 100% Canadian-owned business based in Delta, BC. Entrepreneur, Yvonne Anderson, created Santevia in 2008 in response to a health issue of her husband and co-founder, David Anderson. David suffered from chronic acid reflux and they were tired of doctors prescribing more pills to combat his health issue. This led to Yvonne researching the root cause of acidity and how to solve her husband’s problem permanently. “Three key pillars of health; what you eat, what you drink, and what you do, were implemented in David’s life and his chronic acid reflux “healed itself” and has never returned,” says Yvonne, “It was easy to find a personal trainer, and make better food choices but finding good mineralized and alkaline water was very difficult and expensive.” That was when Santevia was born! The two decided to create Santevia Water Systems to provide clean, mineralized and naturally alkaline water at an affordable price.

Santevia’s “why” is Healthy for All and Shared by all. Their products are a healthy choice for all and shared through their 100 Days of Giving Program. Santevia gives 100 days of clean water to people in water poverty for every Gravity Water System and Mina Pitcher sold. Their goal is to give 100,000 years of clean water to people in water poverty by 2030!

“There are over 2.2 billion people in water poverty in the world today. We need to solve this problem and Santevia is committed to help,” says Yvonne.

With an aligned mission, Santevia also works alongside ACTS (Africa Community Technical Service Society) for Water, a BC-based charity that develops clean drinking water “tap stand” systems for people in water poverty, focusing on Uganda where over 8.4 million people live in water poverty. “Our team went to a local water poverty fundraiser at VanDusen Botanical Garden and met the ACTS team,” says Yvonne, “I was impressed by the work that they had done and by the sustainable programs they had built for over more than 25 years.” Santevia also sponsors 3 orphanages in northern Thailand. Their sponsorship helps kids who are vulnerable to sex trafficking have a safe place to live and attend education. They also opened a school in an impoverished community in Bangladesh to help educate women and children, helping them escape the cycle of poverty.

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