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Over the past year, B.C. businesses - including the food and beverage industry - have been hit hard by Covid-19. In response to the pandemic, BCFB industry partners, and IT solution company, DTEC, created a nourishment campaign, an initiative created to give back to the community. As a part of this campaign, DTEC has kindly gifted 12 BC Food & Beverage, 1-year memberships, to new emerging BC food and beverage companies. From a vegan Korean kimchi company, gluten-free flour blend company, to a meal prep company – 12 BC food businesses were gifted a BCFB membership. We would like to sincerely thank DTEC for the ginormous generosity and we hope this sets an example to others to give back when possible! 

One of the 12 BC businesses to be gifted a BCFB membership was Simply Foods, a full production food service company focusing on catering, meal prep and delivery, and providing school lunches through their Fuel Up School Lunch Campaign. The four owners; Katie, Jason, Ryan, and Josh met at their kitchen, YVR Prep, and with their uniquely complementary backgrounds as young entrepreneurs and parents, they came together to create Simply Foods. 

“Making Comfort Food Accessible for Everyone.”

Simply Foods powers over 15,000 students in Greater Vancouver through the Fuel Up Program. They created this initiative in 2019, partnering with school districts to achieve their goal of ensuring that no child goes hungry, and every child eats healthy. Their budget-friendly and healthy daily lunch portions meet the BC School Nutrition Guidelines and are Fraser Health Approved. Simply Foods was humbled to be named one of Vancouver’s top catering companies after 25 years of prioritizing flavour, quality, health, and excellent service. 

To learn more about all the great things Simply Foods has to offer, visit: 

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