Taste of the Okanagan

Over the past year, B.C. businesses - including the food and beverage industry - have been hit hard by Covid-19. In response to the pandemic, BCFB industry partners, and IT solution company, DTEC, created a nourishment campaign, an initiative created to give back to the community. As a part of this campaign, DTEC has kindly gifted 12 BC Food & Beverage, 1-year memberships, to new emerging BC food and beverage companies. From a vegan Korean kimchi company, gluten-free flour blend company, to a meal prep company – 12 BC food businesses were gifted a BCFB membership. We would like to sincerely thank DTEC for the ginormous generosity and we hope this sets an example to others to give back when possible! 

Linda and Kelly, Taste of the Okanagan

One of the 12 companies to be gifted a BCFB membership was Taste of the Okanagan Specialty Foods Inc. Founded in 1995, Taste of the Okanagan is a Kelowna-based business, developed and perfected by the mother-daughter duo, Linda and Kelly. Linda started the businesses in her home kitchen with her mother’s family recipes. Using local, seasonal ingredients she handcrafted their artisan preserves in small batches including a variety of sauces, dressings, chutney, pepper jelly, savoury spreads, and gourmet condiments. All their products contain no preservatives, no additives, and no food colourings – a homegrown taste! After 14 years in marketing and advertising, Linda’s daughter Kelly moved back to Kelowna and joined the business. Ever since they have been taking the steps to grow the business together! 

While intentionally choosing to stay small, Taste of the Okanagan understands that managed growth is important to stay competitive and profitable. They hope to see their small but steady growth expand into select targeted specialty food stores across Canada. Taste of the Okanagan is excited to become a part of the BCFB community, to connect with other like-minded businesses to share resources, ideas, and help each other where we can. 

To learn more about Taste of the Okanagan and their products visit: www.tasteoftheokanagan.com 

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