Technolojoy4Kids: TLC Solutions launches new initiative dedicated to providing technology support to children in their community

BCFB member, TLC Solutions, launches Technolojoy4Kids (T4K), a new initiative dedicated to giving back to the community by offering technology and educational opportunities for children in need. The goal is to provide children with the necessary skills to use technology to learn, create, and explore the world around them, while also teaching them computer literacy to further their education and build future opportunities.

“I am thrilled to announce Technolojoy4Kids by TLC Solutions. It’s our responsibility as a business to give back to the communities we’re part of and do everything we can to create a less wasteful impact on the Earth. We are proud to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters and BC Tech for Learning to deliver Technolojoy to kids in BC and Alberta,” shares Mike Nunn, Chief Operating Officer at TLC Solutions.

Through this initiative, they will offer after-school programs designed to engage and teach kids the joy of technology, a Hardware Donation Program, and volunteer opportunities for TLC’s team. TLC is excited to be partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters for the after-school programs and Hardware Donation Program. After receiving the IT hardware donations, Big Brothers Big Sisters will get them into the hands of those kids and families that will benefit the most. TLC Solutions is also partnering with BC Tech for Learning; a BC charity that refurbishes used computers and laptops and then provides them to schools, libraries, low-income, and learning-focused non-profit organizations across BC. In Alberta, TLC is partnering with Computers for Schools to provide a similar service to BC Tech for Learning.

TLC is launching their Technolojoy4Kids initiative with the Hardware Donation Program. Working with their clients, networks, and communities TLC will use their various offices as collection points for gently used and still current hardware such as computers, laptops, printers, monitors, and peripheral devices. Generally, they’re looking for IT hardware that is 7-years young or newer, still in good working condition, and running Windows 10 or newer. TLC’s goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you; simply call TLC Solutions at 1-888-354-5002, ask for Eric, and let him know you’ve got the hardware to donate, and they’ll take it from there. Tax receipts are available too.

“We were delighted to hear that TLC had launched this program and pleasantly surprised to hear we made the first donation,” says Sherrin Western of Shervin Communications who was the first official supporter of the program, “Knowing that our old equipment is being refurbished and given to kids to help with their education makes us feel good.”

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About TLC Solutions:

TLC Solution offers a wide rand of B2B managed IT services from Managed IT support and Strategic and Technical Consulting to implementation of enterprise-class solutions. TLC is delivering technolojoy by helping companies realize that IT is a profit centre, competitive advantage, culture driver, and not just a cost center.


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