The Indigenous Led Business of the Year Award Goes to Locality Brewing

Locality Brewing took home the Indigenous Led Business of the Year Award on November 3rd at the annual BCFB Awards.

Locality Brewing grows the barley & hops and brew its beer on the farm. They are a Metis-owned and operated brewery located in North Langley on MacInnes Farms, just up the hill from Fort Langley. Planting, harvesting, malting, brewing, drinking. They believe in showcasing the Locality of ingredients, the regionality of brewing, and the farmer’s role in making a great beer.

“To see Locality Brewing recognised by BC Food & Beverage as a Metis-owned and operated business is so exciting. At Locality Brewing our first value is to connect people to the land and the ingredients that are in our beer,” shares Melanie MacInnes of Locality Brewing. “We see ourselves as Farm artists and we are thrilled for people to have the opportunity to come to Locality Brewing and sit surrounded by nature and the land that produces so many of the ingredients used in our beer.  Being Female and Metis lead, as well as a female head brewer we are excited to be part of a different way of thinking about Craft Breweries and being part of the diversification within the industry. Thank You BC Food and Beverage and to TLC for sponsoring the award.”

“On behalf of everyone at TLC, we are honoured to be the inaugural sponsor of the BCFB Indigenous Led Business Award, which has a strong alignment to our valued partnerships with BC’s First Nations communities,” says Mike Nunn of TLC Solutions. “We are very proud of all the nominees and finalists, with a special congratulations to Locality Brewing on winning this year’s award. I’m already looking forward to next year’s awards!”

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