The Sustainability Award goes to Soul Bite Food

Soul Bite Food takes home the Sustainability Award at the BCFB Awards!

Soul Bite Food is a social enterprise that produces delicious vegan dishes created from traditional recipes from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Their vision is to produce vegan comfort food to support charities dedicated to fighting hunger and combating food waste. Soul Bite Foods was initially created to help fund the Immigrant Link Centre Society (ILCS), a charity formed in 2016 to fight against world hunger and has blossomed into the sustainable company it is today run by a passionate group of people.

Producing plant-based food, Soul Bite Food is in line with the future vision of reducing methane emissions and helping minimize environmental pollution by donating 50% of its profit to charities that are fighting hunger and combating food waste.

“This award will make us visible in a wide range of media and will put a spotlight on our social enterprise, Soul Bite Food products, and on our charity activities,” says Ali Haeri of Soul Bite Food.

Learn more about Soul Bite Food and their commitment to sustainability:


Thank you to Vancity for sponsoring this award!


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