The UBC Master of Food and Resource Economics Program

The UBC Master of Food and Resource Economics Program (MFRE) is looking for Project Partners who can offer real-world Graduating Projects in the areas of finance, data analysis, market research, competitive analysis, survey development, policy evaluation, cost-benefit analysis, etc. The Graduating Projects take place from May to August 2023, and is completed by MFRE graduate-level students as part of a required 6-credit work experience course.


What is UBC MFRE?

  • UBC MFRE is a one-year professional master’s program that integrates Economics, Business & Policy knowledge to meet the challenges and opportunities in the Food, Resource & Environmental sector using Data Analytics & Quantitative skills.
  • Students conduct a Graduating Project from May to August 2023. The project is equivalent to a 6-credit work experience course and is required to complete the master’s program. (website)


MFRE Graduating Project key points:

  • Timeline: Projects occur from May to August each year (full time).
  • Flexibility: Projects can be paid or unpaid, work location can be on-site or remote, students can work individually (or in pairs, or small teams).
  • Stakeholders and support: We work with organizations to develop real-world projects, then our students conduct the projects with individualized support from UBC Faculty and our MFRE team throughout the summer.
  • Scope and Expectations: Please find attached Graduating Project Guide for Project Partners, including a list of project ideas, students’ skills, and past projects.


Why Consider a Project with MFRE?

  • Win-win outcomes: Complete the side project you’ve always wanted to work on, but need extra resources to do so. Receive high quality deliverables, while providing valuable real-world experience to graduate students.
  • Unique structure and targeted support: Individual support by UBC Faculty Members and MFRE Staff with the expertise and skills in the food and environment sector.
  • Innovative thinking: Gain access to UBC graduate-level students with targeted knowledge in your sector, along with their skillsets including: data, economic analysis, policy evaluation, finance, and market research skills
  • Valuable network: Potential year-to-year project collaboration, talent pool, or referrals for potential employees through the growing number of highly skilled alumni.


Next Step:

  • If you’re interested, please email Janelle Tan, Graduating Projects Manager, at Alternatively, book a 30-minute Zoom meeting with Janelle using this Calendly link to define project ideas, based on your current business priorities.

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