Vancouver Island Brewing Wins Outstanding Workplace – Health & Safety Award

The Outstanding Workplace – Health & Safety Award goes to Vancouver Island Brewing. This award goes to a company that loves its people and values a culture of health and safety. They go above and beyond with their employee safety and wellness, and have the programs, support, and tracking in place to show it – and VI Brewing does just that.

Brewing in Victoria BC since 1984, VI Brewing is proud to be driving innovation in an industry that they helped pioneer. Through its strategic planning, JHSC participation and engagement, safety communication systems, and safety culture, VI Brewing recognizes safety as a top priority.

“We have made incredible investments into our health and safety programming and continue to do so with our OSSE/COR certification. This has been a 4-year process as we rebuilt our program from the ground up with dedicated safety and people personnel to build it. We even hired coop students over the past 2 years to focus on improving our safety programming with a big focus on developing stellar standard operating procedures (SOPs).” Their daily morning toolbox meetings, weekly management safety meetings, their email communications, visual posts, and digital document-sharing systems allow for an inclusive, accessible and well-broadcasted communication system to share and bring awareness to their OHS program. VI Brewing’s quarterly Island Time meetings bring their entire team together inclusive of their sales reps who travel from near and far to participate and engage with other team members – safety being a key component of these meetings.

“It has been an incredible journey for our brew crew in building a strong safety program from the ground up and a stellar culture to uphold it. We are very honoured to be recognized for our Outstanding Workplace! Every one of our team members is active day-to-day in promoting a safe, engaging, and inclusive workplace that we are very proud of. This award gives us another awesome opportunity to celebrate all that we’ve built together as a team and to continue strengthening our award-winning culture,” says Tierra Madani of VI Brewing.

Check out what they’re brewing up:


Thank you to Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC for sponsoring this award!

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