We are all in kinship: Kindred Cultures

Health is on everyone’s minds as we head into the cold season. Immune boosters are being hit heavy. We are wearing heavier layers, snuggling more, lighting the fireplace, and sipping on our favourite immunity elixirs.   

 Meet my immunity-boosting friend, the water kefir beverages by Kindred Cultures! 

 Lyndsay, CEO of Kindred Cultures, noticed that probiotics improved the health of her children. At two years old, Lyndsay’s youngest son was suffering from eczema and asthma. Following the path of prescriptions and numerous hospital visits, nothing was aiding to improve his health. She made it her mission to find a solution to relieve him.   

 Through research and exploration, she had her “lightbulb moment” when she learned about probiotics and gut health. In her kitchen, she formulated her own kefir, and lo and behold, it helped!   

 “It was incredible,” said Lyndsay, “it helped him so much!” 

 Lyndsay knew it was her calling to share this amazing product and what she knew to create a world of healthier humans. Enter Kindred Cultures. Amen! (I’ve been binge-watching the Netflix series “Greenleaf.’) 

 But it wasn’t Kindred Cultures at the beginning.  Our drinks were originally launched under the name of Culture Kefir, but it became evident that the name did not properly represent CEO Lyndsay’s vision or her mission. After consulting with family, friends and advisors, Lyndsay arrived at the word kindred. We are all kindred through connections, whether it be biologically, socially, or environmentally. With the name “Kindred Cultures,” she encapsulated diversity. Amen! 

 Probiotics aren’t new on the health scene, they’ve been around for quite some time. They are an immune booster and can help balance your gut flora (digestive system), help relieve allergies, and help promote strong mental health.  

 Live probiotic cultures have always been found in fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, soy products, milk drinks, and yogurt. However, water kefir has been linked to Mexico and the prickly pear cactus only a few centuries ago, making it a relatively new discovery. 

 Family-run and crafted locally in Vancouver, Kindred Cultures’ goal is to make probiotics more accessible to everyone, including children! That’s why they have a flavour profile that spans the rainbow. Making a flavorful drink that is both visually stimulating and tastes mighty fine is our goal. 

 So what does Kindred Cultures taste like? A little bubbly, a little sour, with a hint of sweetness. It’s best served cold. It could even work as an addition to your favourite spirit cocktail! (I’m thinking about something with gin for the holiday season… Who’s with me?) 

 The tasty rainbow of flavour options includes: 


Activated Charcoal 

Cranberry Turmeric 

Strawberry Rosehip  

Mango Ginger 

Kindred Cultures water kefirs are low in sugar and in calories. A probiotic-rich water kefir infused with a rainbow of organic fruits and botanicals, Kindred Cultures is a delicious beverage that makes your body feel great! 

 So, which one is my personal favourite, you may be asking? It’s the new Mango Ginger combo. I’m a sucker for ginger! (I ask for extra ginger with my sushi.) 

 Being relatable and interactive with their farmer’s market customer community, Kindred Cultures became what it is today by listening to their flock. Educating the public about the natural benefits of water kefir is part of why Kindred Cultures is now in 60+ stores across British Columbia. Reflecting upon where this all started, Lyndsay is grateful to BackRoads Family Market in Ladner who were Kindred’s first retail partner.  The power of one! 

  In addition to their growth, Kindred Cultures is also award-winning! Strawberry Rosehip was a finalist in the 2020 BC Food + Beverage Awards. Lyndsay has also been in the running for the 2020 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, the BC Business Women of the Year awards, and the 2019 Made in Vancouver Awards – Best Drink Winner! 

 A fun fact is: Kindred Cultures have their own playlist in the kitchen where they bust a move while making delish water kefir! Check it out! 

 Fridges across North America, be ready! Lyndsay’s vision is to have a bottle (or three) of health-benefiting Kindred Cultures water kefir in every fridge in North America.   

 Lyndsay is honoured to share these products and look forward to reaching more and more people every day! 

 You can learn more about Kindred Cultures HERE. 

 You can follow Kindred Cultures on IG HERE. 



Partner Content story by: Karen Ann Davidson, karenanndavidson.ca

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